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An online learning management system for a charter school with over 20,000 users designed to educate and engage.






My Role

The family-centered school needed a digital product to facilitate the educational experience online between teachers, students, parents, and staff.

I joined the Andculture team on this product about halfway through development. I worked remotely with a 20-person agile-focused team composed of other designers, developers, testers, and project managers. I was brought on to the team to solidify and maintain the design system consistency and improve the user interface.

Teacher dashboard design

Building a Design System

I often worked on maintaining and extending the design system with the team. We relied on tools like Sketch and Abstract (for version control). The system was built and based on an atomic design methodology that allowed us to efficiently organize every component.

UI component library

Prototyping Concepts

Aside from visual design, I constructed user-flows maps to produce visual design solutions to share internally and with stakeholders.  

Since a lot of the product requirements had already been written, I was often tasked with creating low-fidelity wireframes for new layouts or improving upon the user experience for specific components. If a design needed more explanation, I created interactive prototypes to demonstrate concepts for developers.

Gradebook user-flow mapping
Gradbin filter interaction prototype
Search interaction prototype


I was responsible for creating many high-fidelity layouts for primary areas of the product, such as Dashboard, Notifications, Chat, the Gradebook, User Directory, Groups, Rubrics, and Webmail.

 Chat component design and various states


Version 1.0 has launched as a successful design and software solution that was almost 2 years in the making and continues to evolve. Today the platform serves almost 22,000 users and 1.6 million graded entries. There are over 700 meetings per day with 10,000 participants on the platform. It has become a platform flexible and powerful enough to educate students in new ways.

Product Owner(s): Evan Keller & Amanda Mills, Lead Designer: Brad Hawkins, Lead Engineer: Shane Shearer, Lead Strategist: Rye Crowen, Lead QA: AJ Carr. and the Andculutre LMS engineering team.

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